Panel session "Quo-vadis integrated circuits and systems: An academic-industry roadmap dialogue session"

The Spain Chapter of the IEEE CASS participated in the main panel session at the DCIS 2017 conference held in Barcelona on November 23nd. The panel session was aimed to identify future directions, challenges and opportunities in the area of circuits and systems. The panel was preceded by a preamble presented by the current Chair of the Spain Chapter of the IEEE CASS, Prof. Antonio Lopez Martin, showing the current activity atlas of the Chapter as well as the services offered to Chapter members. Prof. Antonio Lopez Martin also participated as a panelist, providing the viewpoint of the Spain Chapter of the IEEE CASS on the topics discussed. The complete list of panelists was:


·         Gerard Villar, NXP semiconductors, Netherlands

·         Angel Alvaro, Thales Alenia Space, Tres Cantos, Spain

·         Antonio Torralba, Univ. Sevilla.

·         Jordi Arias, Tech transfer program director, mVentures, Mobile World Capital

·         Antonio Lopez Martin, Public Univ. Navarra, IEEE CASS Spain Chair

·         Moderator: Eduard Alarcón, DCIS 2017 general co-chair, IEEE CASS VP-TA


This panel was the central event of the conference (no sessions were running in parallel) and gathered almost all the attendance of DCIS. It led to a fruitful and inspiring discussion with the audience.