Course on Sigma-Delta Converters at the University of Zaragoza, January 13, 2017

Last January 13, 2017, a new edition of the intensive course on Sigma-Delta Converters was given by Prof. Jose de la Rosa at the University of Zaragoza, Spain. As in previous editions, the first part of the course consisted of a 2-hour lecture session which was complemented by a 2.5-hour lab session, where students put the concepts learned in practice by using SIMSIDES simulator for the system-level design of sigma-delta analog-to-digital converters.


This course was supported by the Spanish Chapter of IEEE-CASS and locally organized by Prof. Arantxa Otín, as part of the telecommunication engineering master program at the University of Zaragoza, which also co-sponsored this edition of the course. The pictures below show some moments of this succesful event.