Intensive course on Circuits and Systems for IoT

On December 14th, Prof. Antonio Lopez- Martin (current IEEE-CASS Spain Chapter Chair) gave an intensive course on Circuits and Systems for IoT at the School of Engineering of the University of Seville (Seville, Spain). The course consisted on two parts: a 1-hour lecture session on different issues concerning circuit design for IoT nodes, with focus on energy harvesting techniques and low power design, and a 1-hour practical session describing a particular implementation in a real scenario. The talks were followed with a discussion with the audience about the topics presented.


This course was organized by the School of Engineering and the Spanish Chapter of IEEE-CASS as part of an electronic engineering master program at the University of Seville. Topics covered included:


- The IoT paradigm. Challenges.

- IoBT: Internet of Batery-less Things.

- Design of IoBT wireless nodes.

- Energy Harvesting tecniques

- Optimal energy storage and management in IoBT nodes

- Low power electronic design techniques

- Case study: energy-autonomous WSN for control of central heating systems