Prof. Angel Rodriguez Vazquez, recipient of the 2019 IEEE CASS Mac Van Valkenburg Award

The Spain Chapter of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society is proud to announce that the 2019 Mac Van Valkenburg Award of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society will be presented to Prof. Angel Rodriguez Vazquez, an IEEE Fellow from our Chapter.


Prof. Rodriguez Vazquez will receive the award at ISCAS 2019 in Sapporo, Japan, at the Society Awards Ceremony (Tuesday, 28 May), for fundamental contributions to mixed-signal chip architectures for smart imaging, vision and 2-D data processing. It is the first time that a Spanish researcher receives this award.


The Mac Van Valkenburg Award honors the individual for outstanding technical contributions and distinguishable leadership in a field within the scope of CAS Society are consistently evident. The award is based on the quality and significance of contribution, and continuity of technical leadership.